Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2015, Pages 79-138 
New records of Colletotrichum species for the mycobiota of Iran

Pages 95-109

A. Alizadeh; M. Javan-Nikkhah; R. Zare; Kh. B. Fotouhifar; U. Damm; E. H. Stukenbrock

A reappraisal of the Pyriculariaceae in Iran

Pages 111-118

A. Pordel; M. Javan-Nikkhah; S. A. Khodaparast

Molecular and morphological characterization of Endoconidioma populi from Kurdistan province, Iran

Pages 127-133

S. Mirzaei; J. Nahvi Moghadam; E. Khaledi; J. Abdollahzadeh; J. Amini; M. Abrinbana

A New Record of Diderma (Myxomycetes) from Turkey

Pages 135-138

T. B. Süerdem; E. Karabacak; B. Dülger

First Report of Colletotrichum fructicola as the causal agent of Anthracnose on Common Bean and Cowpea

Pages 139-140

O. Atghia; A. Alizadeh; Kh. B. Fotouhifar; U. Damm; E. H. Stukenbrock; M. Javan-Nikkhah

First report of Coprinopsis urticicola from Iran

Pages 141-141

M. R. Asef; V. Khosravi; S. Naeimi