The genus Arthrocladiella: a new report of powdery mildew fungi from Iran

Document Type : Short Article


Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran



In this study, we re-examined a collection from IRAN herbarium that was identified as Erysiphe deutziae on Deutzia gracilis. Precise morphological studies supplemented with rDNA ITS sequencing disclosed that the powdery mildew on this collection is a member of the genus Arthrocladiella. Moreover, re-examination of host plant confirmed that host plant has been misidentified and it belongs to the genus Lycium. Arthrocladiella is a monotypic member of family Erysiphaceae (Ascomycota, Helotiales), which has only been reported from Lycium spp. (Solanaceae). According to our findings, Arthrocladiella mougeotii infects Lycium sp. in Iran and is reported as a new genus for Iranian Mycobiota.