New Entoloma species from Iran

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Plant Protection, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


Three specimens of Entoloma genus were collected from Kermanshah province, west of Iran. Macro and micro-morphological features of the fungal specimens were examined. The ITS1 and ITS4 Primer pair was used to amplify ITS-rDNA. Phylogenetic analyses of ITS-rDNA sequences were carried out using Maximum Likelihood method with 1000 bootstrap repetitions. Based on the results obtained from morphological examinations along with data obtained from ITS- rDNA sequences, three species including Entoloma phaeocyathum, E. sinuatum, E. undulatosporum were identified. E. sinuatum has previously been reported from Iran, therefore this study represents the first record of E. phaeocyathum and E. undulatosporum from Iran.